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Q:Why segment cracks during cutting?

A:1.If cuting material were too hard,segments would crack;

2.If sharpness is not good enough, segments would crack.

Q:Why diamond fall off from segment during cutting?

A:1.Happen to sudden shock during cutting

2.Extra cutting speed

3.Blade vibration

4.Cutting material,flange or blade not fix

5.Bond too soft to hold diamond

6.Powder has too much air hole or gap.

Q:Why is cutting life too short?

A:.1.Bond too hard

2.Insufficient electricity

3.Segment not sharpen

Q: What grain size of the diamond wheel is appropriate for rough,pre-finishing,and finishing?

A:It depands on the work material and other conditions:

1.For rough --- 140# or lower than 140#

2.For Pre-finishing ---  300# or lower than 300#

3.For finishing --- 400# or higher than 400#


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